Top 4 Makeup Bloggers That You Should Definitely Follow In 2022

If you are looking to hone your makeup and skincare routines, who better to follow than the best beauty content creators who not only post various tutorials and product reviews but also invent viral trends and hold brands accountable. The following makeup and skincare wizards are my go-to if I ever need to expand my horizons or need some passion and inspiration.

  1. Michelle Wong

An Australian social media star who is a popular influencer with over 340K+ followers (Instagram Username: @labmuffinbeautyscience) 

Beauty Blogger Michelle Wong from labmuffinbeautyscience, a skincare brand for every person

She did her Ph.D. in medicinal and supramolecular chemistry and is now out to make skincare accessible to all. She breaks down complex technology or science behind skincare, into simple terms for every person to understand. The content also includes in-detail product reviews and viral industry trends.

Check her out here.

2. Manny Gutierrez

A social media star and influencer whose career took from Instagram. Manny Mua eventually started making videos on Youtube. He is one of the most famous male influencers with 4M followers on Instagram. (Instagram Username: @mannymua733) 

Manny shares beauty challenges, product reviews, makeup tips, and hilarious video mash-ups. He is someone who constantly blurs the lines of gender in cosmetics. His website Lunar Beauty develops custom products and an inclusive community for all makeup lovers.

Check him out here.

3. Susan Yara

A beauty and lifestyle blogger, who has created her own makeup line, Naturiumskin, and a YouTube channel, MixedMakeup. She has over 400K followers on Instagram. (Instagram Username: @susanyara) 

Susan is someone who has tested almost all the products in the skincare industry. She has worked with many brands in the capability of a producer, on-camera host, editorial and interactive director, lifestyle reporter, and much more.

Check her out here.

4. Hyram Yarbro

A 25-year-old creator who took the world by storm, with his TikTok videos. He has that he’s teamed up with brand the Inkey List to launch his own affordable skincare line, Selfless by Hyram. He has over 1.1 Million followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel. (Instagram Username: @hyram) 

Hyram creates honest and detailed skincare reviews, especially for people with no knowledge and who want to learn from the very basics of details. Moreover, his content is more about preventive care and not intense treatments or expensive products.

Check him out here.

While we are talking about beauty bloggers to follow, please check out About Aditi, who also shares very relatable and useful content for people willing to enter the makeup and skincare world.

Do let me know what you think about these bloggers or if there are people who inspire you or who you learn from.

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